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The first step to participating in Play! Pokémon events such as Pokémon League is to set up a Pokemon Trainer Account. Once you have set up your Pokémon Trainer Club account, you can track the events you attend and earn Championship Points and Play! Points. You'll earn one Play! Point for every Pokémon League season you attend.

Due to the competitive element in tournaments, we recommend that parents discuss issues of winning and losing, pressures of competition, and good sportsmanship with their children. It is important to be a good sport—win or lose. Delight believes that children should have fun in the process of competing, regardless of the outcome. It is, after all, just a game.

It is very important that players listen to Organizers and judges when they explain how to play in the event. These Professors will outline important points, such as how to report the match results and how to ask for a ruling, at the beginning of the tournament. Players should understand that, even if they are familiar with this information, they need to listen and avoid being disruptive. Talking or other disruptive behavior during the delivery of these instructions is impolite. All players should have the same opportunity to learn and understand the rules of play prior to an event.

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