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Play Pokémon and have a blast with your friends!

You don't have to be a Pokémon expert to have a good time at the Pokémon League. Play, trade, and even earn cool prizes! But if you're new to the game? League events are a great way to learn the basics and get an idea of how this game plays competitively before playing in tournaments! League events are a great way to take your first steps in Pokémon competitive play before beginning to compete in tournaments.

Pick up some swag and swap cards!

Play, trade, and earn promos with other players at our Pokémon League events. Whether you’re just beginning to collect or you’re a seasoned pro, you can find something to do here. You can feel secure learning to trade cards - all League trades are overseen by a Pokémon Professor to ensure they're fair.

Stay on top of the game.

Pokémon League events are a great way to learn game basics and get the feel for Pokémon competitive play before beginning to compete in tournaments. In fact, we also run Pokémon Champion Series competitions designed for new players who want to jump in! These events help you practice your skills so that you can head into tournaments feeling confident.

Pokemon League


Saturdays, 11:30 - 1:00

League events are open to all players regardless of experience level or skill. Meet other players and participate in a casual setting to trade, play, and earn prizes. Find the answers to some common questions below!

Leagues & Tournaments: What to Expect

When players (Trainers) arrive at an event, they can expect to meet the League Leader, the Professor, and maybe a judge. At smaller events, the Professor and judge may be the same person.

Trainers who wish to participate in League are required to have a Player ID, which is used to report their attendance at these events to Pokémon International. Delight can provide a Player ID on site for Trainers who do not already have one. Younger players will need parental consent to complete the sign-up process. Parents can sign up for ID's in advance at www.pokemon.com by creating an account and adding a child.

Trainers often trade cards with other players. This is encouraged, but we do suggest talking to your Trainer about the potential consequences of trading real items of real value. Some Pokémon cards can be worth hundreds of dollars! Professors are a good resource for trading tips and are required to approve trades before they happen.

What's Required from Parents of Minors

Parents have responsibilities at events, as well. It is important that participants are allowed to play at their own pace. Players are learning to concentrate on complex strategies and concepts, which can sometimes be frustrating. Also, a match should not be interrupted while in progress. If you, as a parent, have a question about anything, ask a Professor away from the match.

Please remember that Professors are busy running league and tournaments. Parents should remain on site to keep track of their children and, of course, celebrate their play. If your child is over the age of 10 and has a good track record at League, you can petition for them to stay by themselves. Responsible children over 12 may attend League and tournaments without a parent.

Official tournaments usually take several hours, so parents might want to bring a book or some other quiet activity to occupy their time. We highly encourage parents grab a Player ID, build a deck, and join the fun during league!

We understand that parents get excited and often want to help their children do well. Please remember, coaching during a match is not allowed. If you would like to talk to your child about strategies, sportsmanship, or anything else, please refrain from doing so during a match. You might be surprised that, although it is a competition, players will provide advice and play tips between matches. So, even if you think your child missed something or misplayed, their opponent may point this out before you even get a chance.

Who are Professors?

Whether you are attending a casual League or competitive tournament, Delight's Pokémon sanctioned events are organized and judged by individuals called Professors. Professors are certified Tournament Organizers or League Leaders, or they can be certified judges who serve as referees for the Pokémon Trading Card Game or video game matches. Some Professors are certified to hold multiple roles. Find your Pressor and say hi!

The first step to participating in Play! Pokémon events such as Pokémon League is to set up a Pokémon Trainer Club account. Once you have set up your Pokémon Trainer Club account, you can track the events you attend and earn Championship Points and Play! Points. You'll earn one Play! Point for every Pokémon League season you attend.

Due to the competitive element in tournaments, we recommend that parents discuss issues of winning and losing, pressures of competition, and good sportsmanship with their children. It is important to be a good sport—win or lose. Delight believes that children should have fun in the process of competing, regardless of the outcome. It is, after all, just a game.

It is very important that players listen to Organizers and judges when they explain how to play in the event. These Professors will outline important points, such as how to report the match results and how to ask for a ruling, at the beginning of the tournament. Players should understand that, even if they are familiar with this information, they need to listen and avoid being disruptive. Talking or other disruptive behavior during the delivery of these instructions is impolite. All players should have the same opportunity to learn and understand the rules of play prior to an event.