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A good Game Master keeps many secrets, only to reveal them to the players when the time is right. Keep your secrets safe behind the Pathfinder Core GM Screen. This sturdy four-panel horizontal screen features a stunning battle scene on one side and handy charts and game tables on the other side to give a busy GM everything they need to run Pathfinder. This screen has been updated with rules from the Pathfinder Remaster and includes a useful chart of new terms, making it simple to run any adventure from Pathfinder Second Edition!

The Pathfinder Core GM Screen measures 44" by 8.5", giving you plenty of space to hide your notes, dice rolls, and secret plans.

★ At-a-glance rules reference speeds play for the Game Master while gorgeous “widescreen” art enchants the players!
★ Updated to match the new Pathfinder Remastered rules!
★ GM Screens are among the strongest sellers in any RPG line, with the Pathfinder Second Edition screen among Paizo’s top sellers in the last 5 years!
★ Features beautiful art from fan-favorite artist Mirco Paganessi!