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White Dwarf #493: The go-to magazine for Warhammer fans, brimming with:

General Sections

  • Contact!: Reader engagement through letters, questions, and miniature photos.
  • Worlds of Warhammer: Phil Kelly dives into the Realm of Fire.
  • Inside the Studio: This month's miniatures and games.

White Dwarf Bunker

  • Access Granted!: Intro to new Bunker activities.
  • Challenges: ‘Psykers, Sorcerers, and Supernatural’ painting challenge.
  • The Slidecrown Sundering: An Age of Sigmar narrative campaign kicks off.
  • Scenario of the Month: Fresh scenarios for Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar, plus Warcry content.
  • Basic Training: Learn from your gaming mistakes.
  • Hobby Hangout: Lewis Collins' Tyranids from the Leviathan box set.
  • Satellite Uplink: Lyle Lowry wraps up the Combat Patrol league and showcases your wizards.

Game Specific Content

  • Warhammer 40,000: Creative warlord conversions, Tome Keeper Crusade Rules, and jump pack lore.
  • Age of Sigmar: New battlepack and painting gallery for Slidecrown Isle and Idoneth Deepkin.
  • Warcry: Quests and artefacts for Vulkyn Flameseekers and Kruleboyz Monsta-killaz.
  • Horus Heresy: Rules for integrating different-scale games and a Blood Angels vs. Death Guard battle report.

Special Features

  • Black Library – The Garrulous Saint: A disturbing short story by J.H Archer.


  • Issue includes card inserts for Bunker scenarios, the Slidecrown Sundering campaign, paint recipes, and more.