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“If you’re gonna stand, stand like a Bastion!”– The Bastion 100+ XL is a very compact and rock-solid deck box to safely protect up to 100 double-sleeved cards in Thick Inner Sleeves. It also holds Mini Snap and Slide Card Cases as well as Cube Pockets. Due to translucent materials and smart positioning of the closing flaps, the top or Commander card is fully visible from the outside without opening the box. The innovative secure click-lock mechanism protects your deck while still allowing easy access. The Bastion consists of 2 symmetrical parts that easily convert into a card pile and discard pile holder. It is perfect for a huge variety of trading card games. Thanks to its modular design, the Bastion fits perfectly into other Gamegenic products. It also comes with a write-on sticker for personalization. The Bastion is available in 10 different colors, including an exclusive mix & matched black/clear version.

★ Commander card fully visible from the outside (clear version)
★ Converts into a card pile holder with easy access down to the last card
★ Comes with a write-on sticker for personalization
★ Made for double-sleeved decks with 100 extra Thick Inner Sleeves* and foiled cards (see next page for even more options)
★ Especially designed for the Dungeon. Perfect fit!
★ Unique: holds even Mini Snap and Slide Card Cases, as well as the innovative and upcoming Cube Pocket 15+
★ Rock-solid and compact Deck Box with secure locking mechanism and easy-opening design (SNAP-OPEN MECHANIC)
★ 10 different colors, including exclusive mix & matched black/clear Edition
★ Acid free. No PVC