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Commander Wizard’s Tower


Ah, booster packs, is there anything you can't do? Is there any Magic night you can't improve somehow?

Wizard's Tower is a game format in which all players draw from the same, massive deck—hence the "Tower." Each turn, you draft a card from a common pool in the middle of the table, then draw the top card of the tower. It's a really fun way to play with some booster packs right away, with no pre-drafting or deck building needed!

How to Play:

Starting a game:

  1. Open the booster packs and pick your commander. All commanders have a Background global enchantment. If your chosen commander already has Background you choose a Background and *also* get the generic background.
  2. Sleeve your cards so that you can tell which ones are yours to take home at the end of the game. Grab 4 of all five basic lands and sleeve those as well.
  3. Shuffle the cards and lands together into a single huge deck.
  4. Determine randomly who will go first.
  5. Deal three cards to each player.
  6. Starting with the first player, each player may discard any number of cards and redraw that many one time. Once all players have done this, shuffle the discarded cards and put them on the bottom of the deck.
  7. Put the top seven cards of the deck face up in the middle of the table. The deck becomes a library that's shared by all players.

Playing the game:

  1. When playing Wizards' Tower, your draw step gets a bit more interesting:
    1. First, choose one of the face-up cards and add it to your hand. If there aren't any when you go to draw, put the top seven cards of the tower face up in the middle of the table, and then choose one.
    2. Draw the top card of the tower.
  2. All players share the same library and the same graveyard. If you cast a spell that targets a card in an opponent's graveyard or manipulates the top card of your library, those cards affect the shared library or graveyard.
  3. The face-up cards aren't considered to be in any game zone.

Other than that, the game is played as a free-for-all Magic game. The last player left standing wins!

What do I need to bring?

Enough sleeves for your cards and basic lands, and different sleeves for your commanders.