Ultra Pro M2 Deck Box—Brown

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    Introducing the second series of Ultra PRO's popular M2 Deck Box, with updated materials, stronger magnetic closures, black matte liner, and updated with space for 100+ double-sleeved standard cards. The M2 +100 Deck Box features a main compartment which holds 100+ standard (Magic) size cards double sleeved in Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves. This Deck Box also has a separate compartment for dice, tokens and other small gaming accessories. Both the card holding and the dice & token trays are removable to help players better organize contents in both compartments. (cards not included)

    • THE NEW SERIES of Ultra PRO's M2 Deck Box line
    • Stronger magnet closures with black matte liner decorated with a silver Ultra PRO logo
    • Holds up to 100+ standard (Magic) size cards in Deck Protector sleeves
    • Separate compartment for dice, tokens and small gaming

    - $20.00

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