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The Great Primaris Brush Bash

Entry Fee: $5 Suggested Donation to The Guild in the Grove

Pickup Starts March 18th and continues through March 26th

Join us for The Great Primaris Brush Bash Warhammer Painting Contest! This two-week take-home event will test your painting skills and creativity as you compete to create the most impressive Primaris Space Marine model.

Participants will be provided with a Primaris Space Marine model on March 18th and will have two weeks to complete their painting at home. All entries must be submitted at the end of the contest (on April 1st) for judging. Top 3 will receive a prize and bragging rights as the best painter in the Grove!

ALSO: Join us for an exciting speed painting contest featuring the Primaris Space Marine model on April 1st! The contest will take place from 2:00 - 4:00 PM. Check in will begin at 1:00. Participants are encouraged to bring their own paints and brushes, but basic painting supplies will be provided by the store for those who need them. Top 3 will receive a prize and bragging rights as the best speed painter in the Grove!

There will be a panel of judges who will select the top three winners based on creativity, technique, and overall execution. We encourage all skill levels to participate, so whether you're a seasoned painter or just starting out, come and show us what you've got!

Judging Criteria

The following is the list of criteria that we will use when evaluating your models. While technical proficiency is essential, we also want to see your imagination and storytelling skills on display. Check out the following guidelines to see what we'll be looking for:

  1. Creativity: colors should be well-coordinated and complement each other.
  2. Creativity: Each painted area of the model should be well executed and show depth and detail, whether it's a richly painted backpack or grimy armor.
  3. Creativity: The model should convey a clear narrative or theme, such as showcasing the heraldry of the Ultramarines or the battle damage of the Blood Angels.
  4. Creativity: The model should have a unique focal point that showcases the painter's creativity. i.e., something that makes your marine cool or interesting
  5. Technique: The palette should include a minimum of three colors that complement each other and are used effectively across the model.
  6. Technique: Details like weapons and equipment should stand out.
  7. Technique: The model's base should stand out.
  8. Technique: Small features like insignias, buckles, or boots should be picked out and painted.
  9. Overall Execution: The model should be cleanly painted, without any visible brushstrokes or mistakes.
  10. Overall execution: The model should be well-constructed, with no glue marks or misaligned parts.