Starter Pixel Art Kit

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    Pix Perfect is a fun DIY crafting craze where vibrant sequins are arranged on a pixel board to create shining masterpieces.  The sequins dangle, so they will move & shimmer with the subtle breeze of a nearby fan - creating a beautiful, sparkling effect.  Create favorite characters, animals, seasonal designs, sports team logos and much more. Then change the reusable pixels to create a new design whenever you wish.  This kit includes 8 pixel colors and endless creative fun.


    Starter Kit: 1 reusable pixel board, 8 sequin pixel colors – 400 of each color

    Deluxe Kit: 1 reusable pixel board, 18 sequin pixel colors – 400 of each color

    Extra Board: An extra board to use up some of those extra pixels!

    5 Color Add-on: 3 holographic pixel colors, 1 iridescent pixel color and matte gray

    10 Color Add-on: 10 extra colors not included in the art kits, plus the Super-Sparkly Holographic Pixel: Pinball!

    - $35.00

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