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Our pickle freeze-dried premium taffy is a whole new way to enjoy the all-time favorite classic summer candy. It's our experience that people love saltwater taffy. Popping a sweet, succulent piece in your mouth often elicits memories of better days. Saltwater taffy has a downside, though. It has a shelf-life for most people. As we age, our teeth get more and more sensitive to chewy food. Our dental work becomes less forgiving. That's where freeze-drying comes in: we remove the chew from taffy, so you can still enjoy the flavor and not have to worry about taking an emergency trip to the dentist when you get back from vacation! One of the biggest advantages of freeze-drying saltwater taffy (aside from the dental aspects) is how much it amplifies the flavor. This pickle flavor is about as polarizing as the abortion debate. You're either on one side or the other; you either support it or you don't. There's no middle ground. But one thing is for sure though: this tastes 100% like a dill