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Find your place in the galaxy

The future is precious

Lancer lets you build your own mech from scratch, mixing and matching different parts to create a machine that suits the story you want to tell. And because there are no pre-made “classes” or paths, your mech can be anything you want it to be – an unstoppable juggernaut of destruction or a nimble gunslinger that strikes fast and hard.

A thousand stories waiting to be told

Lancer features a deep, story-rich setting for players to engage with if they so choose. Every choice you make, every system you mount, every weapon you wield — all of it has lore attached, just waiting for a story to develop. Using a mix of rules-light narrative play and gritty tactical combat, together with friends you’ll fight to win a better future for humanity.

No experience needed

If you’ve never played Lancer don’t worry: Learning to play only takes a few minutes, and premade characters will be provided for this game. Players only need to bring their dice and a willingness to learn some new rules (and maybe snacks).



Lancer is set many thousands of years from the present day, and imagines a future where a survivor humanity has spread to the stars after weathering terrible ecological collapse on Earth but the past is always present, and the future is never far away. Playing as one of the survivors of humanity’s destruction, you will fight to rebuild what was lost – and create something better for those who are next.

What is Lancer?

Lancer is a mud-and-lasers sci-fi RPG about mech pilots- comrades together in a galaxy of danger and hope. Some groups will fight to rectify the crimes of previous administrations; others will fight for their nation, pieces in a greater game of hegemony. Others will carry the banner of a corpro-state or mercenary company, working to advance private interests while lining their pockets. Others still will fight for groups acting in opposition to those in power - for the underground, for the forgotten, agents of entropy and agents of yet more radical revolutions.

How do you play Lancer?

Characters in Lancer are made of two parts: a pilot and a mech, both fully customizable with a variety of backgrounds, licenses, and thousands of combinations of different parts.

Where can I read more about Lancer?

You find more info and buy a copy of Lancer here:https://massif-press.itch.io/corebook-pdf

Signing up for TTRPG events online is easy! But just in case, we've provided step-by-step instructions on how to manage your online sign up.

When do I Show Up?

If you've signed up online, let the counter know your name and that you're already signed up for this weeks session and you'll be directed to the correct table. In general it is a good idea to show up 15 - 30 minutes early for indie TTRPG Events.

Age Restrictions

Minors 13 years and older may be left unaccompanied in the store to play. If your child does not have a way to contact you, please be sure to leave your contact information at the front desk.

Character Creation

Pregenerated characters for Lancer will be provided for you. If you would like to make your own character please contact us well in advance.


100% of the proceeds of our indie events go to the DM's running the event for compensate them for their time and energy. Therefore, all registrations are finalCancelations will not be refunded or exchanged. We understand that life events happen, but with a 5 person cap on each session we can not accommodate last minute cancelations.