Cursed Court

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    Cursed Court at a Glance

    • A bidding and bluffing game for two to six players.
    • Play minor nobles trying to elevate their status over the course of three years at court.
    • Utilize unique limited information to scheme against opponents.

    I recently played a few games of Andrew Hanson's Cursed Court, published by Atlas Games. I had not been that enthralled by a new game for years…[A]n unexpected masterwork. 
    — Bruno Faidutti, Citadels, Mission: Red Planet

    Schemes Upon Schemes: The World of Cursed Court

    You are a minor noble, seeking to elevate your fortunes.

    Over three years of four seasons each, you'll throw your lot in with major nobles, hoping their influence will improve your position.

    Which nobles will you support? The King, the Assassin, the Sorceress, or others? Or will you bluff instead? And will your scheming pay off?

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    Jockeying for Position: Gameplay Basics

    Cursed Court is a game of bidding and bluffing. Each player can access a different set of limited information (via shared cards and public cards) about who will wield influence in court each year.

    Place bets on known influencers or bluff elsewhere in the hopes of pointing your opponents in the wrong direction. Outbid your opponents to win the favor of your chosen nobles.

    But be careful! With only four wagering crowns to play and a limited number of coins to spend, your resources can stretch only so far.

    Will you back the most influential nobles and win your place by their side? Find out in Cursed Court.

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