Cthulu Gloom

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    Cthulhu Gloom at a Glance

    - Make your family delightfully insane (and then kill them!) while inflicting horrible happiness and sanity on your opponents' families.
    - Brings Lovecraftian menaces — Elder Gods and unspeakable horrors — to the Gloom world.
    - A standalone card game that is also compatible with Gloom second edition and its expansions.

    Dead but Dreaming: What is Cthulhu Gloom?

    When the Elder Gods rise, mankind is doomed, and isn’t that delightful? Experience the crazy fun (and we mean that literally) of growing insanity in the face of inexplicable Lovecraftian creatures in Cthulhu Gloom. As in Gloom, your main object is to bring your family down the path of madness and misery before ending in delightfully dramatic deaths, while inflicting sanity and happiness on your opponents' families. The most miserable family wins the game.

    Cthulhu Gloom can be played alone or combined with Gloom second edition and any of its expansions. The game includes four new Lovecraftian families, Modifiers, Untimely Deaths, Events, and Story cards.


    Creeping Horror: Gameplay Basics

    In Cthulhu Gloom, each player places Modifier cards on their family members to walk them further down the path of sadness and insanity, and on other players' family members to make them horribly happy. Will your family fight something formless or learn loathsome lore? Will their endings be all too happy or the kind of gruesome end that Lovecraft himself would have dreamt of?

    Add madness-inducing levels of complexity to your game with Story cards that provide benefits to the player who reaches their conditions first. A new transformation mechanic changes Characters — and their portraits — into hideous and slimy things. When you've felt rather fishy or been minced by Mi-Go, the effects aren't easily forgotten!

    Mi go

    Like Gloom second edition, Cthulhu Gloom features unique transparent cards that stack atop each other to hide and reveal the Self-Worth scores from the cards below. The easy scoring and evocatively squamous art are guaranteed to make players tragically happy.

    The game ends when one entire family has shuffled off this mortal coil. The winner is the player whose deceased family members reached the greatest heights of insanity and misery.

    Unpleasant Dreams Expansion

    - Add a fifth family — and player — to your Cthulhu Gloom game.
    - This expansion adds Guests, who follow their trigger cards from family to family.
    - Contains a total of 55 cards and requires Cthulhu Gloom to play.

    Sour Dreams are Made of This: More about Unpleasant Dreams

    Add some occult variety to your Cthulhu Gloom game with Unpleasant Dreams. This expansion awakens the Dreamlands family, adding a fifth player to the night terrors. New Events, Untimely Deaths, and Modifiers take your Lovecraftian protagonists to untold depths of madness and misery.

    Unpleasant Dreams   Characters

    This expansion adds Guest cards to gameplay. Guests move from family to family and bring persistent effects.

    This expansion contains 55 new cards to add more squamous flavor to your game. Climb cursed cliffs, be muddled by moon-wine, and — if you're lucky — be consumed by chaos to win the game!


    Unpleasant Dreams: New Rules

    Inside are two special Character cards called Unwelcome Guests. Deal one or both face up to the table's center at the start of the game. Guests "follow" the card types noted on them; no matter where it currently is, a living Guest immediately moves to join the family of the character on which one of its "trigger" cards is played. All its Modifiers are moved with it, and it's considered a member of that family until it moves again.

    Unpleasant Dreams   Barzai

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