Commander Legends Collectors Booster Box

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    Collector Boosters are a shortcut to the coolest cards in Commander Legends—fill your deck with rares, foils, and special art from the first booster packs created specifically for Commander. Collector boosters are the only Commander Legends booster packs where you're sure to find foil-etched legends, with 2–3 in every pack! Each pack contains 5 legendary cards, with at least one showcase mythic reprint. Collect classic MTG commanders or meet some of the 71 commanders introduced in the set.

    • 12 Commander Legends Collector Booster Packs, each with:
    • 2 extended-art cards (1 Common/Uncommon and 1 Rare/Mythic)
    • 1 foil-etched showcase legendary mythic
    • 1 foil-etched showcase legendary Rare/Mythic or foil borderless planeswalker
    • 1 foil-etched showcase legendary uncommon or foil-etched showcase Prismatic Piper
    • 1 foil rare or mythic rare (30% chance of extended-art foil)
    • 2 foil legendary Uncommon/Rare/Mythic
    • 2 foil uncommons (each with a 20% chance of being upgraded to a foil extended-art common or uncommon)
    • 5 foil commons
    • 1 foil token

    - $290.00

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