Phase One Reopening Plans

Starting May 21st we will be open from 11 am to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday through Phase 1.

A Note from Hannah and an elaboration on our plans:

Starting Friday, May 15th, Cottage Grove will begin reopening. Not all of us will be back to normal immediately, or even for quite a while, and each and every store will have different and sometimes confusing policies. I think we can all agree that this pandemic has become a beacon of political disagreement and rife with conspiracy theories and everyone is understandably confused on the facts about what we need to do to keep ourselves, loved ones, and neighbors safe.

At its best, our store brings the community together and we laugh and play, have fun; but at its worst, this moment in time, it can be a frightening hub for spreading disease that can make members of our community severely ill, or even die. We ask during this time that you remember that Colton and I are just two thirty-somethings who love D&D and Magic, we’re not healthcare experts or political aficionados, and this situation is a big responsibility to grapple with, and we don’t take the responsibility of protecting your health, or your children’s health, lightly.

Personally, I believe Cottage Grove has done an amazing job “flattening the curve” by observing the rules of the shut down quickly, and collectively I think we’ve saved many lives that could have been lost. I also believe that staying closed and banning events until a vaccine is being administered is impractical, if not impossible. So with all of that being said, what are our plans now that Lane County has the Green Light for opening? Colton and I have been going back and forth and these are the guidelines we’ve decided to begin with:

  • We do not plan on hosting events during Phase One of reopening. This means no FNM, no D&D, and no Pokemon Club.
  • Please be mindful of your own risk and decide if it is safe for you to come down to the store. If you are elderly and in fragile health, for example, please be extra cautious and avoid putting yourself in positions where transmission of the virus to you is more likely. We will continue to do curbside pickup.
  • Remember the high risk folks in your family and friend circles and be mindful of what you can do to keep them healthy.
  • Stay home when you’re sick, with any symptoms.
  • Use caution when gathering at the shop – fewer people hanging out at the desk and chatting is safer. We miss you all terribly but we love that you’re alive and healthy.
  • Continue to practice social distancing of at least 6 feet while in the store.
  • We’re asking that you wear a mask when you come to the shop – it probably protects others from you, you from others, and it shows you respect the safety of your friends, our family, and everyone in the shop.

As the steward of one of the town’s “hang outs”, I worry most about our kids. Dillon and I are working diligently on coming up with creative solutions for summer camps and classes that will help bring our younger community together again safely and adhere to all guidance - this may mean some funny business for retail later on, I don’t know at this point.

And finally, I desperately want us to all be kind to each other. At our store and others you’ll probably experience policies and procedures that aren’t intuitive, that are annoying, or go against your personal beliefs. Just remember these policies aren’t the fault of staff, and sometimes not even owners, laws and guidance change almost daily and no one is immune from pandemic stress, none of us can really say we know what we’re doing, we can only do our best at any given point in time. We will probably be trying some things at the shop that don’t work out and we’ll adapt and move on. We all need to give and receive grace now more than ever. I miss you all so much and I’m so excited to see you all again soon.

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