Maybe you’ve heard the name “Dungeons & Dragons” from your kids, or you’ve played it yourself. If you’re unfamiliar, though, Dungeons & Dragons is a classic role-playing tabletop game that’s seeing a resurgence in popularity. Whether you’ve played it or not, what you likely don’t know is that this game can teach kids a range of skills that can serve them well in life.

It’s Naturally Social

Dungeons & Dragons is a social experience encoded in a game. It involves characters grouped in a party moving about in a medieval world officiated by the Dungeon Master, who helps tell the tale of swords and sorcery. The gameplay is formed and influenced by the choices that the players make. The realm of Dungeons & Dragons emerges from the imagination, and it is enacted by rule books, multifaceted dice, charts, reference guides, and maps. The players use their unique skill sets in service of the narrative and overcoming obstacles. Designing a cool character in a Dungeons & Dragons universe helps kids to develop many social skills, including learning how to employ empathy, practice problem-solving and conflict resolution, and to work together as a team in a game based on cooperation rather than competition.

Conjuring an Entire Universe Is Cool and Creative

A crucial skill that young people can develop and practice is to use their imaginations. The capacity to envision a new world, to conjoin concepts, and to express ideas form the essence of creativity. Plus, kids who play Dungeons & Dragons discover ways to express the abstract, as well as bring a fancy to fruition, flesh it out, and share it with others; this is the magic of the game. Dungeons & Dragons aids creativity by requiring players to create a shared space, from ecosystem to weaponry.

It Teaches Life Skills

Do you want your child to learn about cooperation, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, history, and math? Playing Dungeons & Dragons is a fantastic way to help kids master the very traits that are useful in life. This social role-playing game immerses kids in the craft of storytelling as they have fun with friends creating storylines, forming memorable characters, and giving life to their avatars. They learn the basics of narrative from scene to motivation, imparting backstory, and facing and overcoming obstacles—all while moving toward a satisfying conclusion that arises organically from the characters and scenes. Storytelling is so useful that even lawyers describe it as an indispensable skill for their careers.

As you can see, there are many ways that Dungeons & Dragons can help kids, including teaching them skills that will benefit them later in life. Kids form friendships, as well as practice cooperation and empathy, math, strategy, and narrative craft—all through playing a game that is fun and fosters imagination and confidence in their abilities. Dungeons & Dragons may just rock the universe for players and parents.

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